trittico bellini patinato copertina

Composition number 33 from the Bellini collection is an example of classic and timeless elegance. The Bellini chest of drawers and bedside tables set is built entirely of hand-patinated wood with an antique Tuscan finish and decorations in delicate pastel tones. At the end both the Argo upholstered bed in fabric with wooden structure and gold leaf finish and the Mira mirror in solid wood and gold leaf finish catch the eye.

Three-piece bedroom set entirely made of hand-patinated wood in antique Tuscan finish with soft pastel hue decorations. Argo fabric upholstered bed with wooden structure and gold leaf finish. Mira dressing table in wood with gold leaf finish.

Wardrobe Monet cod.883B
L. 302cm P. 77cm H. 262cm
Mirror Mira cod. 2033
L. 79cm H. 108cm
Chest of drawers Bellini Patinato cod. 671
L. 125cm P. 60cm H. 129cm
Bedside table Bellini cod. 672
L. 61cm P. 43cm H. 73cm
Bed Argo cod. 680
L. 172cm P. 210cm H. 131cm