A non-random puzzle of containing elements that follow each other along different directions: Bepop is a wonderful tamed chaos that satisfies even the most creative palates when it comes to furnishings.
The basic module element of Bepop is made by folding, an unusual process that consists of folding the panel necessary to produce the container, usually created instead by joining multiple panels. The result is a module cleaned of any interruptions or joining lines.
So each element, aesthetically sober and essential, is available to combine in a straight or staggered line, creating dressers and bedside tables with an incredibly dynamic and playful appearance.
For a richer composition and a taste closer to the traditional, it is possible to request the drawer fronts in a striped walnut finish, a nuance that warms up an environment already made particularly welcoming and plush by the beige finish.

We rethink the concept of balance to produce generous compositions and living experiences that satisfy sight and touch.

The walnut essence, with its warm and natural grains, represents the furniture par excellence, a small detail in a modern collection and a heartfelt homage to the tradition of Made in Italy design.