We have created the new Kate and Diana collections which reinterprete in a more modern reading the classical italian taste in furniture.
The unique style of the bedroom suites, the wardrobes with patina, the units in wood, the upholstered beds: their outstanding design will fit in every room.

Kate collectionDiana collection

1989 – 2019

Euro Design is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Present on the market since 1989, we have grown over the years, as a dynamic and creative firm, gathering a wide consensus also on the international market.

We want to celebrate these first 30 candles with all of you who have been following us and appreciated for a long time, because this goal would not have been possible without your contribution.

What is your style?

Choose to furnish your bedroom with taste and elegance. Discover the style that best suits you between modern, contemporary or classic.


In your bedroom as in your home, there is always something about you and your experience. Euro Design furnishes the night environment with modern and contemporary solutions, without forgetting its romantic soul. Clean lines, light colors and trendy material effects such as cement grey and elm wood. A new style to personalize your room with simplicity and elegance.



Euro Design furnishes your bedroom with a series of Contemporary style collections: elegance and quality of materials to create a romantic bedroom made unique by precious details and hand-made decorations by our master craftsmen.



We revisited the classic style in a modern key: sophisticated and with timeless refined decorations. Exclusive finishes and decorative details that enrich this style that finds its new place even today. Elegance and romance represent the main concept for these collections that furnish your room with a certain retro taste.


Do you need more space?

Do not settle for the usual wardrobe. Discover our Modular solutions, tailored for you.


Create, renew and modulate your wardrobe. The many modular solutions of Euro Design allow you to reinvent the space of your room: clothes, accessories and even books, TV screen mirror and make-up area. Decorate your bedroom with a modern and customizable solution. Discover all the capacity that a customized design offers you thanks to drawers, internal compartments, chests of drawers, shelves, sliding doors and push-pull. Everything always tailored for you.

Collezione Componibile_Componibile/02_composizione con ripiani interni a vista, per organizzare lo spazio e riporre indumenti, contenitori salvaspazio o accessori. Dotata di cassettiere push-pull. In foto: questa soluzione è personalizzata in laccato RAL: grigio titano (RAL 7012) e viola pastello (RAL 4009).

Accessories for your room.

Wardrobes, beds, chest of drawers and bedside tables, choose quality products between modern, contemporary or classic style.


Euro Design offers a wide range of wardrobes and wardrobe solutions for your bedroom. In classic, modern and contemporary style. To personalize your room with style and elegance, without forgetting the functionality of each wardrobe.



Discover Euro Design beds, a unique and customizable style based on your taste and space requirements. The various solutions offer fabric, leather or eco-leather headboards, and are all designed to have a very practical storage compartment for tidily storing blankets and bulky items.


Night groups

Euro Design chest of drawers and bedside tables enhance the composition of your bedroom, adding elegance, style and above all functionality. We offer combinations for every style, classic, modern and contemporary. Great finishes and handcrafted decorations, as well as highly fashionable textured inserts such as cement grey and elm wood for the more recent Orizzonte and Levante collections.