aurora composizione 132 copertina

In 132 composition of Aurora collection you will find the authentic classic taste revisited in a more contemporary way. Let’s start with the Argo bed with upholstered headboard in white eco-leather, buttons covered in matching tones and a regal frame in silver leaf; then we continue with the Aurora dresser and bedside tables set with a striped or cloudy white finish enriched by floral decoration, floral handles; we go on with the essential Mida wardrobe but softened by rounded profiles; at the end the Alice mirror in silver leaf and the Zoe pouf in white fabric.

Wardrobe Mida cod. 2035B
L. 291cm P. 70cm H. 255cm
Mirror Alice 1063
L. 78cm H. 97cm
Chest of drawers Aurora cod.2031
L. 135cm P. 59cm H. 100cm
Bedside table Aurora cod. 2032 I
L. 60cm P. 39cm H. 64cm
Bed Argo cod. 939
L. 189cm P. 205cm H. 136cm
Pouf Zoe cod. 2050
L. 41cm P. 43cm H. 50cm