alfieri composizione 11 copertina

When it comes to elegance, one cannot help but think of 11 composition from the Alfieri collection which makes the bedroom a classic environment with a touch of modernity, for a romantic and refined furnishing.

The bedroom furniture proposed in this composition stands out for the delicate lines that can also be seen in the Veneziano wardrobe, patinated, solid and built in thick honeycomb. The classic and luxury pieces of furniture proposed in the Alfieri room can be decorated according to your tastes, managing to transform a classic room into a more modern one.

The Enea wooden bed is unique and is surrounded by the two bedside tables and the Alfieri chest of drawers, two other perfect examples of how an elegant furniture ennobles a bedroom.

The Laura mirror in silver leaf finishes the entire room with further delicate refinement.

Wardrobe Veneziano cod. 936
L. 304cm P. 73,5cm H. 257cm
Mirror Laura cod. 897
L. 66cm H. 95cm
Chest of drawers Alfieri cod. 911
L. 130cm P. 54cm H. 86cm
Bedside table Alfieri cod. 912
L. 60cm P. 32cm H. 62cm
Bed Enea cod. 932H
L. 188/208cm P. 212cm H. 1125cm
Armchair Venezia cod. 620
L. 85cm P. 81cm H. 103cm